Getting involved in rowing


Stirling Rowing Club operates a membership scheme.

Below you can find details on how to become a member.


First step is to be invited to a Come and Try Day. Email us to be added to our waiting list for the next Come and Try event.

After attending the Come and Try event, next step after this is being invited to join our 4-6 week Learn to Row course.

After successfully completing our Learn to Row course, you will be eligible to join as a member. The membership form is available by clicking on the link above, which you should please print, complete & bring to the club for attention of the Membership Secretary along with your membership fee as noted on the form.

Should you already be a competent rower, you may join our club any time - we welcome rowers of all ages and abilities, whether you wish to row just for fun and health benefits, or wish to race competitively in regatta and head events.

Should you also wish to join Scottish Rowing, you can apply online at A Scottish Rowing race license is required for anyone wishing to compete in Regattas or other race events regulated by Scottish Rowing.

Stirling Rowing's Club's membership form comes in Adobe Acrobat format and can be downloaded by clicking on the link above. Please ensure you have Adobe Acrobat installed before downloading the forms

Should you join mid way through the year, pro-rata fees will apply rather than the full amount.


Summer Training Times

The summer sessions are structured as follows:

Tuesday Evenings: 6.15pm to 8pm

All members welcome


Wednesday Evenings: 6.15pm to 8pm

All members welcome


Thursday Evenings: 6.15pm to 8pm

All members welcome

Sunday Mornings:

9am - 10.45am - Juniors only

11am - 12.45pm - Seniors only

Winter Training Times

The winter (daylight saving time) sessions are structured as follows:

Tuesday Evenings: 6.00pm to 7.00pm - Juniors HIIT Circuit Session

Tuesday Evenings: 7pm to 8pm - Seniors HIIT Circuit Session

All members welcome


Wednesday Evenings: 6.30pm to 8pm

Women & Girls - Erg

Men & Boys - Strength & Conditioning

All members welcome


Thursday Evenings: 6pm to 8pm

Women & Girls - Strength & Conditioning

Men & Boys - Erg

All members welcome

Saturday: 9am to 11am

Set crews / Confident Single Scullers (Please ask Coach permission  prior to attending first Saturday session)

Racing members only

Sunday Mornings:

8am to 9am - Club Yoga / Mobility S&C - all members welcome

9am - 10.45am - Juniors water session

11am - 12.45pm - Seniors water session

All members welcome

Sunday morning rowing continues on the water all year round, except where the conditions on the river are considered too dangerous by our coaching team.