Junior Information

Stirling Rowing Club currently has a large group of Juniors at the club. We have Scottish Champions at J12 through to J18 aided by senior members who have competed successfully at the highest levels in Britain.

Our junior members attend club sessions of Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings. The club Juniors generally attend around six regattas each year - this allows them to mix with other competitors, forge friendships and travel around the country experiencing different stretches of water.

The club has created a positive atmosphere for their juniors to come along and enjoy their training which, consists of rowing, sculling, coxing, running, using ergometers, core stability, circuit training and weight training.

Rowing can provide a vigorous workout as it engages all the main muscle groups, sustained effort will benefit the heart and lungs and offer athletes an opportunity of longevity.

They also have their own appointed Junior Captain and function well, socially as a group.

The Beginning was coming together......,
The Commitment was staying together.......,
The Success is working together